Club Ami offers a range of activities that aim to promote socialization between members, to encourage them to bond and to favor the development of knowledge and diverse skills. 

Field Trips

According to the exhibits and cultural events, we organize monthly visits at the museum. We also go for walks in the area, plan picnics at Kent Park or on Mount Royal, and even more. We go to the beach during the summer, enjoying the sand and the sun outside of the city. 

Our responsibility is to organize the most activities outside of Club Ami to let members discover or rediscover Montreal. For example, we go to the cinema, to the Botanical Garden, to the Planetarium, and to cultural centers of the Côte-des-Neiges borough, among other things.

Relaxation activities and yoga

In order to take a moment for ourselves and to be able to repeat the experience in situations that require it, we offer relaxation and yoga activities that are accessible to anyone who wants to participate. 

Let’s cook together!

Every month, we celebrate gastronomy by offering diversified and easy to prepare meals to our members. Inspired from Côte-des-Neiges, we look for flavors from all around the world. 


Club Ami could not offer such a dynamic experience to its members without its monthly Bingo. This popular activity, where everyone leaves with their hands full, allows members to socialize while having fun.


At Club Ami, we are lucky to have an artist within every member. This is why we own an extensive selection of art supplies intended for everyone’s expression, from painting to crafting, from macramé to poetry. 

Educational activities

In the spirit of openness to our surrounding world, we are fortunate to have visits from multiple organizations or institutions that share their knowledge and tools with us.